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Why Western


The Oklahoma National Stockyards began in 1910. Packing houses and railroads were built around it to move and process cattle. In the 1960’s, the auction was started, which took us from alley trading cattle to the auction method of marketing cattle. This is the how the Oklahoma National Stockyards has become the World’s Largest Stocker and Feeder Cattle Market.

And here at Western, we take pride in our name and the history we have at the Stockyards. We mean business and we want you as our next customer. Give us the opportunity to show you the success that you can have with choosing us as your cattle marketing company.


Western provides a quality of service that is unbeatable in every area of the cattle selling/buying business. We take pride in the professional hands-on experience given to every farmer, rancher, producer in operations large or small that choose us as their cattle marketing or buying company.


Western Livestock Commission Company and Order Buying Inc. is conveniently located at the Oklahoma National Stockyards in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We provide ample pen space with fresh feed and water in every pen.


With facilities at the stockyards, Western is easily accessible. Located in Oklahoma City at I-40 and I-44, the Stockyards are easy to get to, and convenient for unloading, loading and moving cattle to pasture within a reasonable amount of time.

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