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Who We Are

Our Story

Western’s history is simple. We started out with honest, hardworking men and built a team. Today, with integrity and grit, we give our customers what they want and what they truly deserve – the best service in the industry. We’ll shake on it.

We’re a bunch of good ‘ole boys who understand that one sale can make a difference in how families are fed, and that matters to us. We take pride in our name and in our service. No operation is too big or too small. Our door is always open and everyone is welcome. It is who we are and what we do.

At the age of 5, Ben I. Hale { the man with a vision and our founder} dreamed of owning a sale barn. With a need to drive his vision into a reality, he set out to gain experience in the cattle industry by running his own cow/calf and stocker operation, to feeding cattle in the feed yard; Finally, working
in the major beef plants in quality control and meat grading.

In 1995, Ben’s dream became a reality. Ben, along with his wife Aimee {sidebar: behind every good and honest man stands a good woman. And without her, as Ben states, this would not have been possible}, bought Western Livestock Commission Company. He got on the road and drove many miles. He knocked on doors, hoping for the chance to provide a marketing/order buying service to good honest people in the cattle business. The hard work has paid off for the Hale family.

Our Success

Through the years, even though Western has grown large enough to serve their customers, they are still small enough to know them. And that makes all the difference.

As customers demand quality service, Western has shown success in their expanded customer base in Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Tennessee. Western continues to grow as they find new ways to support farmers and ranchers across the nation. Western’s customers are the key to their continued progress. Through customer satisfaction and loyalty, Western find its own unique success story.