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What We Do

Our Process

At Western, we are here to serve you. We support all areas of the cattle selling business. A large portion of our business is focused on Order Buying. You put in the order. We buy the cattle for you, load it on a truck and send it your way. When the time is right, we’ll take the cattle to auction and make the sale for you. It is a win-win strategy for both the rancher and Western.

Auction / Marketing

When a farmer, producer or rancher is ready to market their cattle, the marketing process begins with contact between Western and the seller to evaluate cattle to be marketed. It’s always a good idea to give Western a call to discuss the market. They can advise  you when to ship and even help make the necessary arrangements to get the cattle to auction. Once the cattle arrive at Oklahoma National Stockyards, they are penned together with feed and water. The cattle are then sorted into marketable drafts prior to arriving on the auction block. Once the cattle sell, a check is issued to the seller and available for pick-up or by mail within hours of selling. Western prides itself on the personal hands-on service and the quality care given to all parties during the marketing process.

Order Buying

Western Livestock Commission Company and Order Buying, Inc offers an order buying service
that specializes in the buying of stocker and feeder cattle.

State Map

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Western Livestock Commission Company and Order Buying, Inc is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the Oklahoma City National Stockyards in the heart of the cattle grazing part of the country. We acquire cattle from producers and ranchers in Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Tennessee.

For more information or to speak to a representative, please contact Western Commission Company
at 405.235.1511 or by email at benhale@westerncommco.com.